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I've got a bike to sell...

Where do I sell my mountain or gravel bike in Reno? At GEAR HUT, your fave little local gear shop, dedicated to re-homing your "human powered mountain sports" gear and apparel!

Happy customer with their "new to them" bike from Gear Hut!

Bike Gear and Apparel we'll take on consignment or donation:

  • Mountain & Gravel Bikes (no commuters, road bikes or BMX)

  • Panniers & Bike Racks

  • Bikepacking Gear

  • Mountain Biking Jerseys and Pads

  • Mountain & Gravel Biking Shoes

  • Pedals, pumps, NEW tires/tubes,

🤔 So... How does Gear Hut price bikes?

We use the "private range" on Bicycle Blue Book as a starting point for all incoming bikes. From there, we price up based on demand and upgrades (ie: M/L frames, 29", dropper posts, included frame bags, 1x set ups, etc.).

NOTE: The "covid boom" of bicycled has crashed! Just like cars, bikes devalue quicker than you think, despite being in prime condition. Our goal is to turn over your bike within our 90 day consignment term.

🤑 How much do I get when it sells?

Most bikes fall within our 60% split (priced $150-400) or 70% split (priced over $400) as a payout to you (and don't forget, your money goes 10% further as store credit!).

Our consignment splits: (Read more about Consignment)

$0      < Item value < 50         us 60/40 you $50    < Item value < $150     us 50/50 you $151  < Item value < $400     us 40/60 you $401   < Item value                 us 30/70 you 

Also remember! All incoming bikes should be good to go, ready to ride! Beginners coming to Gear Hut aren't looking for a project piece. They're looking to start their journey on the trail. If you've got parts, projects, etc... Reno Bike Project or Kiwanis are great places to donate bikes (as well as road, BMX and commuter bikes).

If you're looking to unload the garage and not deal with the nonsense of internet haggling, let us sell it for ya! Give us a call before loading up the car so we can ensure we've got space for your bike (775-219-4612). If you're looking for top dollar, it's always worth trying to sell it yourself first, then drop it off if you don't get bites. REMEMBER (just like ski season), the EARLIER you get your bikes/boats in... the more likely they are to sell! As we get towards Fall, we do limit bike intake as we prepare for our winter season of skis/snowboards.


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