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What Is Consignment?


Consignment is when a shop sells goods for an owner in exchange for a percentage of the total selling price.  The owner of the goods then gets paid via check or store-credit once items sell.  


At Gear Hut, we take the stress out of selling your gently used outdoor gear and apparel by giving Reno's consumers a one-stop shop to peruse for their next adventure.  With the variety of outdoor recreation opportunities in the Reno Tahoe area, Gear Hut maintains a steady flow of adventurers ready to buy your gear.  Rather than dealing with Craigslist hagglers and parking lot meet ups, you can bring your items to Gear Hut, where we work to develop an appropriate price and items are available on our racks for 90 days.


Consignor pricing breakdown


$0     < Item value < 50         us 60/40 you

$50   < Item value < $150      us 50/50 you

$151   < Item value < $400     us 40/60 you

$401   < Item value                  us 30/70 you 


**Planning on doing some shopping?**

Use store credit instead and you'll receive an additional 10%


I have stuff to bring in, what's next?

Make sure your items are CLEAN and functional.  No holes, missing parts, etc.  Giving that bike rack a quick wipe down can increase your selling price. Gear Hut DOES NOT TAKE dirty clothing or broken gear.  If you piece is electronic, please include chargers and working batteries.  A list of items that we take can be found HERE.


When you come in, Gear Hut staff will have your fill out a consignor agreement, verify and take a photo of your ID and work with you to develop prices for each item based on its condition, market value, demand, etc.  We will give you your 90 day pick up/cash out date in person and email you an item list and link to your consignor portal.  

Any items not included on your emailed consignment receipt must be picked up within 24 hours or they will be donated.


How do I cash out?

Check on your portal (online or app) to see if your items have sold at your 90 days date.  You then have 10 days to come into the store to pick up any items that have not sold or renew items that still have potential to move.  You can always come grab a check, just bring your ID (please REQUEST a check and allow for a week to process).  Mailed checks will incur a $2 convenience fee.

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