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How to prep your spring gear for consignment

Preparing your gear for consignment involves several steps to ensure it's in good condition and ready for sale in the shop. Here's a guide on how to prep your gear and make sure we can price it competitively:

testing and setting up tents at gear hut
  1. Clean Your Gear: Thoroughly clean all items you plan to consign! We will deny dirty gear! Give bikes a wipe down, hose the cobwebs off boats, and ensure backpack pockets are dumped out! For clothing, toss em in the laundry, free from that post hike stank. We DO NOT TAKE any dirty, heavily stained, or stinky apparel!

  2. Inspect for Damage: Carefully inspect each item for any signs of damage that compromises the intended use. All zippers, buckles, and other fastenings should be in good working condition. Buyers do not want a project. All items should be "off the shelf" ready to go.

  3. Check for Missing Parts: Make sure all components and parts of your gear are intact. This is especially important for items like tents, where missing poles or rainflys can significantly affect their usability. Gear Hut only consigns complete and usable items!

  4. Test Equipment: If applicable, test electronic equipment, such as GPS devices or headlamps, to ensure they are in working order. Mountain bikes should be ride-able, with pumped up tires, functioning breaks and gears.

  5. Give us a call before loading up BIG items (bikes & boats): Some items like boats, we can only take when we've got open wall space! Calling ahead can save you the trip and make sure there is room for your items. It also allows us to prep the space for you in the shop!

  6. Provide Relevant Information (if you have it!): Be prepared to provide any necessary information about your gear, such as its history, usage, or any unique features. This can help us price unique items appropriately!

29" specialized full suspension mountain bike for sale in Reno, NV at Gear Hut

After you complete your drop off, we'll update your account with each item. You're able to log online to your account to track the status of each item and how much money you've made! We're officially in SPRING and SUMMER consignment! Clean out your closet and turn that extra gear you're not using into "consignment cash". In demand items include:

kayaks for sale at gear Hut in Reno NV
  • Mountain and Gravel Bikes

  • Panniers and Bikepacking gear

  • 40-70L packs for Backpacking

  • Jet boils, pocket rockets and camp stoves

  • Coolers

  • 20-40 degree sleeping bags

  • Headlamps

  • Inflatable SUPs

  • Sleeping pads

  • Camp Chairs


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