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Repair Recommendations

**Gear Hut does NOT do any repairs**

But we always encourage you to FIX IT!
Check out our local recommendations for repair.
Reno is lucky to have awesome humans and companies with solid skills.  If you're looking to fix your bikes or skis, contact William or for textiles, backpacks, tents, one of the resources below!

William Elbert



William is a hobbyist mountain biker, skier, and bike mechanic available to restore and repair neglected bikes.  He can also aid in basic ski maintenance.

Bike repairs in Reno, Ski and Snowboard sharpening and waxing in Reno Tahoe area

Below is a list of his specialties:

  • Restoration

  • Drivetrain replacement/cleaning/tuning

  • Wheel truing

  • Tube repair/replacement

  • Minor suspension tuning

  • Ski/Board Waxing

  • Ski/Board Sharpening

Feel free to reach out to William if you have
any bike or ski/board questions!


Examples of his costs:
$20 for a hand wax

$10 for core shot repair


Gear Repair Tools:

Gear Hut sells Gear Aid repair supplies such as gear patches, repair mesh, tent pole splints, replacement buckles and shock cord. Most repairs are simple with a quick "YouTube" education and these supplies. We also carry down wash, spray and wash in DWR and wetsuit cleaner.

Other local resources:

If your item is made by Patagonia: Take advantage of their ironclad guarantee and repair program. You can drop items off at their outlet on Center Street in downtown Reno.


Technical Equipment Cleaners is based out of Truckee, CA and the next place we point anyone with zipper, strap, technical cleaning, Velcro or hemming. 

For your favorite hiking boots or sandals, our team has used and love The Sole Emporium.

The Reno/Tahoe area doesn't currently have a local climbing shoe re-soler. Your closest option is the Rubber Room in Bishop, CA where you can mail them in to be repaired.


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