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A Bit About Us

Why the Store?


Gear Hut was established in 2018 to fill a void: to bring a used gear and consignment store to the Reno Tahoe area.  Our mission is to increase access while keeping usable gear and apparel out of the landfill. With so many outdoor recreation opportunities locally, Gear Hut is your go-to shop for reasonably priced, gently used gear.  The community is able use Gear Hut to consign slightly worn clothing or last season's equipment, making it easy to find the right buyer. You can find more details on what we accept under Selling Options.

The Environment is Important!

Our goal is to foster a local outdoor culture that not only embraces our wild places while recreating, but also while shopping. Most outdoor gear and technical apparel is backed by solid product design that permits for a long life of adventure, which should be taken advantage of to it's fullest.

We regularly outgrow (physically AND ability) our equipment and clothes, so comes the question:
"What do I
do with my old (but usable) items?" 

Consignment is an environmentally responsible way of ensuring that your gear and clothing are ending up in a new owner's hands. Rather than blindly dumping them at a donation drop off in the hopes that they make it to the shelf and find a buyer, you know the status of your items. According to statistics, 84% of donated items end up in landfills or incinerated.

On top of reducing landfill impact, buying used has the additional benefits of zero packaging waste, no shipping costs, and the elimination of chemicals/water usage due to the manufacturing demand of creating new.

"Shopping used" allows us to affordably support brands that are following sustainable practices in product development. Rather than being limited to the financial restrictions of Walmart-esque brands (cheap, poorly constructed products that are more likely to fail/end up in the landfill), folks are able to get geared up with pieces designed with the environment and longevity in mind.





Leah and Rusty settled in Reno in 2016, after a two year road trip across the United States/Canada. They hiked mountains, visited National Parks, explored the deserts, climbed rocks, and enjoyed the sun as much as possible, always chasing the good weather. After making a list of their favorite cities, they chose Reno as the place to settle down and raise a family. That family currently consists of one sassy cat, and the youngest "employee", Winnifred.  


 Their broad knowledge of the outdoors stems from years spent hiking, backpacking, skiing, climbing, biking and hot spring soaking all over the country.


Leah and Rusty both met in college at the University at Buffalo while studying engineering. After a couple years in the work force, they decided on an "early retirement" from the 9-5 in their respective fields. Instead, Leah and Rusty chose to follow their passions from their time in school as active members and officers of the Outdoor Adventure Club.



Gear Hut employs several part time team members; local outdoor and wilderness enthusiasts to help keep the shop in tip top shape, take in consignment and give local hike recommendations! Each of our Adventure Pros bring their own special passion and expertise in the outdoors to the team.


"My favorite pastime is rock climbing, but when I am not getting outside you can find me studying for my engineering degree at UNR.

Big or small I always love any sort of adventure!"



"I’m a full time data engineer who can be found outdoors pretty much all the time when I’m not at my computer! Whether it’s on the mountain snowboarding or on the trail hiking, I love just getting outside, moving my body, and breathing in some fresh air!"




"I love anything that gets me outside, especially rock climbing and running! I moved here to Reno in 2023 to pursue a degree in environmental science at UNR. Most of my time is spent between climbing trips to Bishop and Yosemite, I love the Eastern Sierra!"


“I recently graduated from UNR with a degree in Human Development and Family Science. If I'm not reading or crocheting, you’ll likely find me outside hiking, camping, climbing, or doing a combination of all three!”




"I am studying Geography at UNR. In my free time you can find me running, hiking, camping, and skiing!"




"I love adventures on land and sea! But when I'm not on one of those, you can find me exploring our planet from the air as I work towards becoming a commercial pilot."

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