A Bit About Us

Why the Store?


Gear Hut was established in 2018 to fill a void: to bring a used gear and consignment store to the Reno Tahoe area.  Our mission is to increase access while keeping usable gear and apparel out of the landfill. With so many outdoor recreation opportunities locally, Gear Hut is your go-to shop for reasonably priced used gear.  Customers can also use Gear Hut to consign their slightly worn clothing or old equipment, making it easy to find the right buyer. We carry a multitude of items. You can find a full list on what we will consign under our Selling Options.

The Environment is Important!

The environment is of the utmost importance to us. We take used items and help to redistribute them so that they don't end up in a landfill. We are continually striving to find the most sustainable and least harmful way to operate.  Gear Hut also offers our customers the option to donate to non-profits, some of which are hard at work protecting our wild spaces. Our goal is for you to choose the planet over consumerism and recycle old gear rather than throwing it away.  Additionally, providing Reno access to lower cost, gently used gear also increases access for many who are blocked by the barrier of entry due to the cost of brand new boots, sleeping bags, etc.  We want to use every item through it's entire product life!




Leah and Rusty moved to Reno after our two year road trip across the United States and parts of Canada. We hiked mountains, visited National Parks, explored the deserts, climbed rocks, and enjoyed the sun as much as possible, always chasing the good weather. After making a list of our favorite cities, we chose Reno as the place to settle down and raise a family. That family currently consists of one dirty dog, one sassy cat, and our newest adventurer, little Winnifred.


Whether we're skiing and hiking in the mountains or climbing and camping in the desert, we spend every non-working minute on some form of adventure. Our knowledge of the outdoors stems from our great expanse of time spent hiking, backpacking, skiing, climbing, biking and hot spring soaking. Leah and Rusty both met in college at the University at Buffalo while studying engineering. We were both active and officers in the Outdoor Adventure Club during their time at school.




"My favorite pastime is rock climbing, but when I am not getting outside you can find me studying for my engineering degree at UNR.

Big or small I always love any sort of adventure!"


"I enjoy a variety of outdoor adventures, and have grown up whitewater rafting, skiing, and hiking. I'm also a student at UNR studying Neuroscience and Dance, two more of my passions. I'm looking forward to working with others who love the outdoors!" 

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"I'm currently studying Mechanical Engineering at UNR, but when I'm not studying I love being outdoors. My favorite pastimes are climbing, hiking, camping and paddle boarding, to name a few. I love learning new hobbies and look forward to learning everything I can while I'm here."