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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located? 

Gear Hut is located in the Wells Ave. District. Open in our new location, at 318 Broadway Blvd! 


We have a dedicated parking lot, as well as street parking. We are the furthest left shop in the mini "plaza".


We are open Wednesday through Sunday from Noon - 7  pm.  Follow us on instagram and Facebook for updates.

Which payment methods do you accept?

Gear Hut accepts all major credit cards (except Amex) and cash. Gear Hut offers a "Cash Discount", which is reflected in our tagged pricing on items in the shop. A 2.75% price difference will be applied to card transaction. 

Do you offer gift cards?

We sell Gift Certificates to help you with gift giving ideas. More information for this can be found here.

What is your return policy?

ALL SALES ARE FINAL.  We have a no returns or exchanges policy for used gear purchases. This policy stands as we cannot track the potential additional wear on a used product.  Gear Hut always recommends that our shoppers set up and test all items before buying.

How does consignment work?

1. Bring in your item and together we will decide on a reasonable selling price.  2. Your item has 90 days on the floor.  3. When your item sells, we set up your payment or issue store credit.  (4.) If your item does not sell by the 90 days and is a seasonal item, you will pick it up. "All season" items may be kept up to 365 days.

How do I read your
price tag?

Our price tags are there to help you understand what it is you're buying, what the size is, and how much it costs. Most of items follow a sales schedule. Always check the tag for the current price. See the picture adjacent to get a better feel for how to read our price tags and shop smarter.

What do we take?

We accept gear and apparel related to "human powered mountain sports" (think... skiing, hiking, climbing, etc.).  The store is small, so we do seasonal swapouts. For a more detailed list of items that we currently accept, click HERE.

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