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What NOT to Consign with Gear Hut This Summer!

Woot woot! We are in the process of clearing out our winter gear and are officially accepting SUMMER CONSIGNMENT! That means we are ready to take the hassle of selling your boats and bikes this season.

Early birds sell the worm (the worm is the bikes and boats)... so get your gear in BEFORE smoke season so folks get stoked about having time to get on the trail and water before we're back in winter again.

Over the past 3 years, we've gotten a pretty solid idea of what we can handle in the shop, and what the people really don't want... so - before you swing by the shop with your consignment, give the following list a read!

If it's not on the list, and it's related to a human powered mountain sports

bring it on down to Gear Hut! Lets pass along #RecycledAdventures and get Reno camping, hiking, biking, climbing and paddling this summer!



Used LifeStraws


Road Bikes and Beach Cruisers

Small Bike Parts

Bike Wheels

Sleeping Bags WITHOUT Stuff Sack

Propane Lanterns

Most Water Bottles

Incomplete Tents (must include fly and poles)

Climbing Rope/Highline webbing

Older Heavy Materials: Polypropylene, Nylon, Disintegrating Canvas (of older Wetsuits, Backpacks, and Tents)

Glass Items (globes/lanterns)

Playa OR Burning Man Gear

External Frame Bags are *Taken as DONATION ONLY*

Remember: All items must be cleaned, and operational.

No broken zippers, snaps, missing buttons, or stains.

We also continually update our HOT/NOT list. Every Wednesday, we do a shop walk thru to update the board with items that are fully stocked or in demand. Give us a call, 775-219-4612 to see if you should hold off on your drop off til the next week! We are limited by space, thanks or understanding!


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