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We're now a Sneakers For Good collection location!

Got road runners that we won't consign? Here's a new option for you!

Sneakers For Good, Sneakers4Funds
This is the same box Gear Hut has to collect your donations to Sneakers For Good!

Gear Hut is excited to announce that we have partnered with Sneakers4Funds and are now apart of their campaign and donation program called Sneakers For Good! Sneakers For Good is a program where runners and other members of the athletic community can donate their used, but still usable road and cement running shoes to an organization who is going to later redistribute them to people in need of new shoes. Sneakers collected in this program are shipped to micro-enterprises in 27 different developing countries. At Sneakers4Funds, they are cleaned, fixed and used as inventory to support these small businesses. Micro-enterprises allow families to pave a path out of poverty through a hand up not a hand out model.

Gear Hut only accepts trail runners and off road hiking shoes for consignment in the shop, so this is a perfect opportunity to donate your used runners instead of just throwing them out upon an upgrade. If you have road runners to donate, please bring them into Gear Hut during any store hours and make sure to mention you'd like to donate them to the Sneakers For Goods program- we have a collection box in the office! We are more than happy to partner with this organization and help others around the world get active!

For more info on the program, check out their SITE! To see if your shoes are too worn, check out this PDF.

*Due to the fact that these sneakers will be reused on another persons pair of feet, please make sure laces and soles are together and the shoes are realistically wearable for an outdoor activity/work.*


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