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Trip Report: Team Outing at Diamond Peak

Updated: May 11, 2022

Let's start with a HUGE thank you to Diamond Peak for giving us the opportunity to enjoy the mountain this past Monday!

Diamond Peak is about a 45 minute drive from Reno, has the most stellar views of the breath taking Lake Tahoe and I don't think I've ever waited in a lift line. It is hands down, our go-to mountain for resort skiing. Anytime friends or family come to visit, we always try to plan a Diamond Peak day if they ski or snowboard. It's a two-fer, top notch skiing AND the best way to experience to Tahoe all in one.

Black diamond ski run overlooking Lake Tahoe at Diamond Peak Ski Resort
Rusty at the top of Lightning

I can clearly remember back in 2016, my first runs down Crystal Ridge... I definitely stopped every 200 feet to take an even better photo of Lake Tahoe, as it feels like you're skiing down into the water (seriously - I think I have 45 photos from that first run). There's a reason it's been listed in the Top 100 runs by CNN , but what sets it apart... it's a cruisy blue - accessible to most newer skiers, not some epic bowl that only the pros get to experience.

Our other favorite spot at Diamond Peak is the Snowflake Lodge for resting the legs, warming up and enjoying a mid session snack. You're never really fighting crowds at DP, but anytime you get to hit a quieter lodge mid mountain with amazing views, it's a perk!

We skied from noon to close, enjoyed some snacks, got a slight sunburn, and got really sore (for all of us who had our first day on skis this season). The trails in the sun were nice and soft while the shadier diamonds were reminiscent of Rusty and my time on the east coast - solid, hard and crystal-y, but never icy. It was about 49 degrees, we ditched our shells and rocked the cool kid bibs and baselayer vibe. We knocked out a solid 10ish runs before our legs gave up on us.

Gear Hut crew at the top of Diamond Peak ski resort with Lake Tahoe in the background
The crew at the top!

*PRO TIP* Goggles or sunglasses are a MUST!

With Nevada's almost always sunny weather, the glaring white snow and the reflections off the lake, you'll be glad you brought them.

Diamond Peak PROS:

The best views in all of Tahoe.

Crystal Ridge runs ALL DAY.

You don't walk a mile from your parking spot to the mountain.

Community vibe with locals.

Friendly team of employees.

Fun tree skiing when coverage/powder permits.

Family friendly, without feeling like you're dodging hoards of elementary schools.

Wait a moment or two, and you probably have an entire run to yourself.

Diamond Peak CONS:

You drive past another resort to get there.

Smaller mountain in terms of extreme terrain.


Did you know that Diamond Peak is community owned? That means that change is dictated by the locals... this is HUGE because the community cares about how development and growth happens. It's not some big corporation across the country dictating operations. Due to their mission and commitment, the community and Diamond Peak have been listed as one of America's 10 Most Eco-Friendly Resorts, is STOKE Certified and rallies for sustainable choices that impact the future of Lake Tahoe and the mountain. Gear Hut LOVES this about Diamond Peak, as our missions align!

Diamond Peak also hosts a ton of specials, and is extremely family friendly. Kids under 6 ski free, and they offer a transferable parent pass so mom and dad can switch off between runs if you have little ones that aren't ready to hit the mountain yet. Just ask about it when you're at the ticket window! If you're over 80, you also ski free! It's your birthday? You ski free! (Don't worry - April 1st is for all you summer babies). Military or have a pass to another mountain? Diamond Peak honors a $20 discount. That's a great perk if your pass has a ton of blackout dates.

You can also save up to $15 off lift tickets by purchasing tickets online, and using super secret discount codes from your favorite little used gear shop (come on by the store and we'll hook you up!).


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