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The Biggest Little Gear Store just got a little bit BIGGER!


Wahooo! We can hear your hoots and hollers echoing off the mountain tops.

We're just as stoked as you, and can't wait to see what you think about the NEW SPACE! It's got fancy murals, real Gear Hut signs and lots of space for dancing!

But as always, with growth and time, there comes change. With re-opening and transitioning into a new software, we are implementing several new


These policies go into effect (8/31/22) in order for us stay competitive/fair with our employee wages, to ensure Gear Hut's future and to keep getting outside affordable (because even with inflation, you should not be paying $15+ for a used nonbrand tank top... 😳 We're looking at you Savers).

1.) Item's tagged prices will reflect a cash discount. If you choose to pay with card, your total at checkout will be 2.75% higher.

2.) We are adding a new consignment split. Items consigned under $50 will fall within a 40 you/60 us split.

3.) After 1 year of inactivity (no consignment or shopping) with the shop, consignors will forfeit items and account balance. Gear Hut will reach out via email if this applies to you. Please make sure your contact information is up to date.

4.) As always, all consigned items must be CLEAN, modern, fully contained (no rogue sleeping bags w/out stuff sacks) and functioning. We want to keep the new space NICE and quality filled! If your item does not pass inspection when being entered into the system (we will give you an email notice), we are holding to a FIRM 24 hour return/pickup policy.

5.)Any items entered into Gear Hut's system that are picked up BEFORE completion of their 90 day consignment term will be subjected to a 5% early retrieval fee.

6.) All consignors will be required to complete a NEW Consignor Agreement w/these updated terms.

Gear Hut under construction
How it started about a month ago!

See our new consignor agreement HERE.

Our goal is to continue providing affordable access to the outdoors for you and with these cost and time saving measures, we can ensure our longevity in Reno's community of mountain bikers, hikers, climbers, skiers and campers!


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