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PRESS RELEASE: Ski Recycling Program

Primary Contact:

Owner - Leah Wzientek


Local Gear Shop Hosts Ski Recycling Drop-Off

Gear Hut, Reno’s only used gear shop, is a drop off location for responsible ski recycling this season.

Google: “What to do with my old skis?” You don’t get too many local disposal options, and are thrown into an internet wormhole of why skis are terrible for the environment... Seriously. It's depressing.

For the rest of the winter season, Gear Hut will be collecting skis, boots, boards, and poles (including old and damaged gear) with the goal of reducing landfill impact of outdated technical gear. Gear Hut is partnering with Ski Trucks, a SLC based company to help keep ski industry related gear out of the landfill. This could include: bent poles, flat skis drilled 2+ times, delaminating boards, single skis, etc.

Items collected will be disassembled and properly disposed of. Salvageable pieces will be distributed to artists to create furniture pieces such as Adirondack chairs made of skis and snowboard benches. All steps taken to be more mindful about our product’s end of life plan. Gear Hut is Reno’s best option for consigning and investing in gently used, modern mountain gear. But for those skis and boards 2011 and older, customers can drop off their ski/board recycling during their open hours. NOTE: Gear Hut WILL consign gently used 2012 and NEWER equipment!

Gear Hut is located at 318 Broadway Blvd in the Wells Ave. district, open noon-7pm, Wednesday thru Sunday. Gear Hut is selective in the gear they take in on consignment, specializing in "human powered mountain sports".


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