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PRESS RELEASE: Local Gear Shop Expands

Primary Contact:

Owner - Leah Wzientek


Local Gear Shop Expands and Makes Community Impact

Gear Hut, Reno’s only used gear shop, has moved to a bigger location to better serve the ever growing outdoor community of Reno.

Gear Hut is now open in 2,000+ sf at 318 Broadway Blvd. with the capacity to accommodate up to (10) hard boats, and (12) mountain bikes. Co-Owner Leah Wzientek comments, “We loved our old location in the Wells District, so finding a larger location in the area was important to us. It’s accessible and walkable, the vibe is neighborly and we love the community. It seems silly to only move two blocks, but this will be Gear Hut’s forever location!”

Gear Hut is a locally owned, used gear shop, specializing in the consignment of gear and apparel relating to “human powered mountain sports”. The shop’s mission is to increase accessibility to outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, climbing and skiing by reducing the costly barrier of entry to these sports. In finding homes for used gear, Gear Hut is also helping reduce landfill impact.

Gear Hut opened in 2018, in only 600 sf of space, tucked in an alleyway off of Wells Ave. “Our consignment based business model is very reliant on the community. They’ve only shown us over and over again, even through Covid and our move, that we are filling a much needed void here in Reno” says co-owner Rusty Donlon.

Recently awarded “Community Sustainability Champion” by Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful at their annual “Raise the River” event, Gear Hut is also furthering their environmental mission by working towards Tier Three of the Nevada Green Business Network certification. The small business has also worked with the community to raise over $65,000 for over 20 local Non-Profit organizations since they opened. Anyone looking to drop off donations is able to select a non-profit to benefit.

Visit Gear Hut’s new shop as they close out their summer season and get ready to begin taking in snowboarding and skiing gear starting in mid-October.

Gear Hut’s New Location:

WHERE: 318 Broadway Blvd.

HOURS: Noon-7pm, Wednesday thru Sunday

Learn more about Gear Hut, their consignment policies and community involvement with non-profits at:


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