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Now Accepting: NPO Partners for 2022.

It's time! If you know of or work with an amazing and active Non-Profit Organization,

please pass along the following information.

Every year, Gear Hut teams up with (6) different NPOs to help promote their mission's that align with the shop's primary goals: Getting more folks outside; Increasing outdoor access to folks of all abilities, races, orientations, social statuses, etc; Protecting the environment and rallying for our wild places. We are beyond excited to announce that in 2021, Gear Hut was able to help raise $9,317.04 for local organizations that are making HUGE moves in our community.

(Leah and Laura cleaning up along the trails around the Galena Creek Visitor Center, one of Gear Hut's 2021 Featured NPOs)

Gear Hut's featured Non-Profit Partners all receive (2) months of being highlighted. This includes social media posts, a bulletin board dedicated to your group's missions and events, and the encouragement to our consignors to donated their goods to be consigned under the featured NPO's account. Items added and sold under the NPO account can help as a fundraiser for scholarships, clean ups, supplies, events, etc. In addition, every month, Gear Hut hosts a 10% of Sales Donation Day, where the shop donates 10% of the day's total sales to the featured NPO.

Non Profit Partnership Application 2022
Download PDF • 58KB

(Download and complete this application to apply!)

As in any case - the more effort you put in, the more you get out of the partnership. One of our favorite NPO's, Great Basin Outdoor's School has been a partner with us since 2018 when we opened. Sue creates beautiful bulletin boards for their months, highlights the shop on social media, and encourages Gear Hut to co-host Family Guided Hikes and Snowshoeing Events. Due to Sue's efforts, we get folks coming into the shop all the time donating items directly to the GBOS account, even when it's not their featured month. Because of her consistent activity with us, we've raised Great Basin Outdoor's School over $1,500, all from their consignment account, not including 10% of Sales Days. If your NPO is selected as one of our featured groups, be like Sue!

Our 2022 application is officially out. Please pass along our information to any organizations that you believe align with Gear Hut. Applications will be accepted thru March 4th and can either be submitted in person, Wednesday thru Sunday, noon-7pm or emailed to: Organizations must be designated 501(c)(3).


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