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Mural work by Lauren Echo Art

This summer, the entry to Gear Hut got a facelift! If you’ve been by the shop recently, you’ve been greeted by a colorful and picturesque work of art that is now beautifying the previously blank and overly white exterior walls of our entrance.

Lauren Echo @echo.lauren, a local adventurer and artist, helped bring our vision of a more vibrant alleyway to life with her amazing and linear mural work. She created a warm color palette of desert mountains, the ever golden glowing sun and the scattering of native indian paintbrush. Over 3 days in the high summer heat, she whipped up our newest favorite mural in Reno! The simple, yet thoughtful design flows in the space, perfectly scaled.

Since opening the shop, we’ve had the dream of developing outdoor, Reno and Nevada inspired art with our local adventure artists. @Brierleygrace created our indoor mountain and floral mural, we’ve sold a variety of @annikaoart prints and canvas paintings, and now Lauren joins the crew with this masterpiece framing our main entrance. When we moved into the expanded space last year, we lost an obvious “primary entrance”, as our new front door is awkwardly around the corner from the main windows. Between the mural and our pollinator garden (courtesy of the Northern Nevada Permaculture Group), first time visitors to the shop can find our location a smidge easier! Our next mission, a custom made hanging blade sign with the Gear Hut logo!

If you’re a fan of her style, check out Lauren’s website where you can shop prints, stickers, bags, yoga mats and Kula Cloths, all with her creative custom designs. Additionally, Gear Hut carries a variety of her dope stickers in the shop, in case you’re looking to spruce up your waterbottle, car or carrier!


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