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Unpopular Opinion: You can go on the climbing trip and NOT CLIMB.

Hear us out.

🧗 You can go on the group climbing trip, and not climb. You can sit by the river, read a book and cheer on your friends.

🎿 You can go on the ski trip and not ski. You can hang at the lodge sipping cocoa, working remote or studying, and catching up on your Netflix binge.

🚴‍♀️You can go on the bike trip and not bike (depending on logistics). You can shuttle the crew, hang in the hammock and get coffee at the cute shop in town you always forget to swing by.

At one of our last Trailblazer Talk events, we heard over and over again that a lot of us are missing community. That we haven’t quite found our “group”. But maybe we’re passing up opportunities to bond and find our people because of imposter syndrome, injuries, or even a lack of skill. We might feel like we can't "keep up"; that we aren't at a level to hang with the "cool kids". But in reality (most of the time), "the more the merrier" applies. Set your boundary up front... "I'm here for the snacks and a weekend away", that way the crew knows what to expect. Because we ALL GET IT. Sometimes, you just need to soak up nature around good people, want to log offline, but might not have the mental or physical energy to <Fill in the blank: ski, bike, climb, etc>.

Here’s your motivation to say YES. Show up for the vibes 👌 (and s'mores of course). Have a camping weekend while everyone else sends. But you showed up. You had the chance for cozy campfire confessions.

On this recent annual “climbing trip” down to Owens River Gorge, a third of the ladies didn’t even put harnesses on. For many of them, it was their first time away from kiddos. It was a chance to rediscover independence in motherhood. We "climbed", soaked in hot springs, had a communal dinner and the stoke was high. Some showed up for just a night (Hi. It’s me.) and others hung out for a week. New friends were made and it was most lovely to log offline and laugh for 24 hours.

🙋‍♀️ So next time the invitation comes along, accept it. Or in the opposite scenario… invite the friend who doesn’t climb, ski or bike. Because everyone could use a little nature detox in a beautiful space with good, face to face company.


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