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Let it Snow! And let the Winter Consignment Commence!

Hiya beloved consignors!

As we enter our upcoming consignment season, we wanted to let you know of some process changes. In kicking off the new intake, we will have every consignor complete an updated Consignor Agreement, and at all future consignment drop offs, we will have consignors complete a drop off form. Per city requirements, we are also collecting photos of all consignor IDs.

Additionally, now that we are nearing 1,500 regular consignors, we are implementing a drop off limit each day (2 bags/2 ski or board sets per day)! Many other local resale shops shut down daily intake once full, but our goal is to be able to allow everyone the opportunity to consign while also controlling the backlog.

Review our new “donation terms” for any items we aren’t taking- with limited space and increased consignors, we don’t have the space to hold onto items that aren’t making it to our racks.

Also, new this season, keep an eye on our white board for weekly updates on items that are in demand and items we are fully stocked on. The shop is limited by our square footage and racks, so we’re doing our best to maintain a variety and decent spread of sizes and options! Thanks for your understanding as we grow!


Accepting year round items and fall/winter apparel starting SEPTEMBER 8th.

Accepting Winter Hard Goods (skis/boots/boards) starting OCTOBER 6th!


Intake List and General Pricing Guide


Boot Liners

Scratched Goggles

Pilled Hats

Basic or Used Bindings

Pointy Skis

XC Classic skis with worn out scales

Racing Gear/Suits/Pads/Helmets

Single antenna beacons

Boot bags

Kid’s general apparel (taking outerwear only)

*Skis w/out bindings cannot be drilled more than 1x*

This season will be our last for taking SNS and 3 pin bindings/skis/boots (all will be priced $15 and under). It is increasingly difficult for our customers to put together complete sets as SNS bindings/boots are no longer made.

All items must be cleaned, folded, and operational.

No broken zippers, snaps or stains.



For Consignors and GH Employees

The below is a very general pricing guide for Gear Hut Employees and consignors. It is our goal to create a simple/stress free consigning experience and shopping experience for all, while also increasing access to expensive sports like hitting the slopes.

In demand items include:

Avy gear, backcountry set ups, unused skins, SNOWSHOES, collapsible poles


*This is just a general guide and may change and evolve throughout the season*

Due to space, we are limited in how much youth apparel we can hold.

Other options for selling or buying youth apparel includes the

Just Between Friends event and Once Upon A Child.


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