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I've got a boat to sell... how's it work?

🤔 How does Gear Hut price boats?

Let’s face it… everything devalues once you “float it off the ramp” (or however the phrase goes 😂).

Kayaking on the crystal clear waters of Lake Tahoe

Realistically, our largest market is for “easy to transport” leisure kayaks and inflatable SUPs. Long sea kayaks and heavy canoes are a tougher sell for our current community. Because boats are LARGE and take up valuable shop space, we need to ensure we have turnover on these items, therefor we price them to move 👇👇👇

Most 14’+ sea kayaks sell in the range of ($225-$375)

Most canoes sell in the range of ($150-$200)

Most 8-10’ kayaks sell in the range of ($100-$225)

Most hard SUPs sell in the range of ($80-$250)

Most inflatable SUPs sell in the range of ($80-$300)

Most playboats sell in the range of ($125-$225)

WW Rafts/Catarafts are always hit or miss based on condition, give us a call and we can chat about pricing!

trip of a lifetime, rafting on the grand canyon

♻ If your primary goal is to re-home your boat for new adventures, consigning through @gearhutreno is a great option… but if you’re trying to get top dollar for your boat 🤑, we’ll always point you to craigslist or marketplace first! ALWAYS give us a call before bringing in your boat as space is limited and we do have a waiting list. 🙏 We do NOT do pick ups UNLESS your item is for donation. You can always DONATE gear to the shop (it helps keep our doors open) or one of the many non-profits we work with (it gets consigned under their account, allowing them to fundraise).


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