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From Smoke Snow?

And just when we thought we got through an entire summer with no smoke, it comes blowing our way.

Fingers crossed we get to enjoy some fall sweater weather before we get socked in with snow! (We're keeping fingers crossed for lots of that as well).

As we prepare the shop for winter, you should be preparing your gear for consignment!

This is a GREAT activity for a smokey day.

Check out some 2022 policies and tips to make drop off easy-peasy when the time comes.

  1. Skis and snowboards must be <10 years old. That's putting us at a 2012 model date.

  2. This year, we will be selling snowboards and bindings separately for optimal storage/display. Please disassemble before coming in!

  3. WIPE OFF AND CLEAN YOUR GEAR! We don't creepy dead spiders falling out of ski boots and snowboards with a layer of garage grime on them.

  4. Two sets of hard gear/drop off. IE: 1 set of skis, poles and boots AND one snowboard, bindings and boots. We get too clogged up if one person decides to unload all 15 of their old boots on us in a day, and it doesn't give opportunity for others to consign.

  5. Wash your apparel. Pick up some gear wash or use a mild detergent. Avoid top loading machines that like to "eat" your gear.

BUT, you've got some time! Gear Hut will begin taking CLEAN gently used skis, snowboards, boots, bindings and all that jazz STARTING OCTOBER 12th. Please hold off on dropping off hard goods until then!

In the mean time, SCORE with 10% OFF on top of lowest prices of the season on:

-Boats (we've got 6 in right now: inflatables, SUPs, double kayaks, canoes and playboats)


-Bike gear/apparel


-Paddling gear

-Shorts, Tees, Tanks

-40+L backpacking bags

The Gear Hut Summer Blow Out Sale runs through Sept. 30th!


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