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February Non-Profit of the Month

The SPCA of Northern Nevada is going to be our second Non-Profit of the Month this year. Most people already know of all the amazing things that the SPCA does. But in case you haven't heard, the below excerpt is from their website.

"The SPCA of Northern Nevada was established by volunteers in 1998 as Nevada’s first no-kill animal shelter. Our mission is to be an innovative regional leader in responsible treatment of homeless dogs and cats, primarily through their rescue and placement in forever loving homes, and by promoting spaying and neutering to control pet overpopulation. We accomplish our mission with dedication to our core values and a lifetime commitment to our animals. We focus on rural rescue – serving the outlaying areas of community, in order to help all of northern Nevada become a no-kill community. We firmly believe there is a person for every pet and we are dedicated to saving the lives of homeless pets. What we do matters. We appreciate your support!"

They also have an awesome Thrift Store in Reno that generates proceeds for the homeless pets in our community. So next time you have a bundle of clothing you've cleaned out of your closet, consider donating to the SPCA's thrift store. At least after you've pulled aside anything that can be sold at Gear Hut ;)

Gear Hut will be donating 10% of daily sales on February 24th to the SPCA of Northern Nevada!


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