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Family Guided Hike Dates

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Mark your calendars! We have officially scheduled out our Guided Hikes with Great Basin Outdoor School thru July... hopefully we can make it through all of these without any AQI cancellations.

  • April 9 at the Sand Dunes at Washoe Lake State Park

  • May 14 at Dead Man’s Creek Trail at Washoe Lake State Park

  • June 11 at Rancho San Rafael Nature Trail

  • July 9 at Tahoe Meadows *tentatively*

Please REGISTER HERE if you plan on attending any hikes to complete the waiver!

The community enjoying our March 12th hike at Davis Creek Regional Park

These hikes are great for the family, kids, and those looking to learn and go slow! Most hikes range between 1-2 miles total and take about 1-2 hours. Our Guided Hike excursions are led by the knowledgeable naturalists of Great Basin Outdoor School and created for the whole family to enjoy!

The community enjoying our March 12th hike at Davis Creek Regional Park

Great Basin Outdoor School is a non-profit that relies on the donations of the community since 1998! Every $2,500 gets an entire low income class sponsored for an unforgettable overnight science camp at Tahoe. Every $200 sponsors a scholarship for a low income student to attend week long summer camp. Every dollar counts in reaching these goals! You can help support GBOS by donating in person at the hikes, online or by donating items to consign at Gear Hut! Additionally, their guides always have Local Field Guides for sale ($10) at each hike, with all profits benefitting GBOS.


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