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Earth Day with Gear Hut

Event Recap:

Gear Hut partnered with Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful and Mesa Rim Reno to bring a low key, but hugely important clean up event to the Wells Ave. District during the extended Earth Day Weekend!

With Reno's ever crazy winds, we're always in a fight with the blow away trash in the urban environment. Unfortunately, this leads to gutters literally littered with bottles, masks, bags, and cigarettes. Most of Reno's gutters drain directly to the Truckee River, so collecting trash here helps reduce the amount of garbage ending up in the natural environment and flowing to Pyramid Lake.

Gear Hut had about 20 participants join in on the Sunday clean up event, collecting about 14 large bags of trash within 2 hours! This was just in the small radius of streets around the shop!

Participants were rewarded for their afternoon of service with a FREE day pass voucher to Mesa Rim and a chance to win a $30 Gear Hut shopping spree! We challenge you to clean up EVERYDAY! Make the Earth your priority every time a receipt blows out of your car or you pass a bottle on the ground.

Looking for another great way to support the earth... bike commute! May is officially Bike Month and we are giving away more Mesa Passes (w/purchase) and 10% OFF if you bike to the shop during weekends this month!

Bought something too big to bike home? No worries, we can hold onto it for you to pick up later!


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