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Cleaning Up 2021!

Updated: May 11, 2022

In ringing in the new year, we are beyond excited to start scheduling out clinics, clean ups, non profit applications...and so on. And it reminds us to look back as well - to see the impact we made in 2021.

We hadn't had a chance to share the amazing turn out of our #GreenFriday clean up that we hosted just after Thanksgiving. We teamed up with the fantastic Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful to host an urban clean up along the streets surrounding the shop.

Over 30 eager volunteers showed up on the sunny Friday morning and teamed up to collect 23 huge bags of trash. Items collected included disposable masks, broken glass, single use cups and utensils, cigarette butts, amazon boxes, and tons of broken micro plastics.

Getting all of the trash out of the gutters prior to Reno's first snow is SO impactful. The majority of Reno's drains run directly to the Truckee River. That means, our group of volunteers mitigated 23 bags of trash from floating down to Pyramid Lake.

Check us out on the News! Gear Hut was excited to be the main story that night on Channel 2.

Gear Hut would like to send a HUGE Thank You out to Matt from KTMB for aiding in the organization of the event, to Reno Coffee Co and Blind Dog Tavern for hooking our volunteers up with some tasty deals for helping out.

As we plan for 2022, we are excited to again co-host our trail series with Reno Running Company. We will be moving the event to Spring to avoid air quality cancellations. Gear Hut is looking into hosting a Clean Up for Coupons event at the shop, and a Fall Series- culminating in #GreenFriday 2022.

Stay tuned for updates. Follow Gear Hut on Facebook and Instagram for the latest promotions, events, #RecycledAdventures and fun content! Keep an eye out for soon to be available Non-Profit Partner 2022 Applications!

-Written by Leah Wz, Owner of Gear Hut, she/her

Leah is a professional trash picker upper, hydrates purely with coffee, and has a deep love for saguaro cactuses.


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