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Can I consign it? Winter 2023 consignment rules!

Oh hot dang, it's ALREADY OCTOBER... and I think our most received phone call this past week was "Hey, are you taking winter gear yet!?" Despite the 80 degree weather this upcoming weekend, we ARE officially starting winter prep in the shop... and here's how you can prep your winter consignment for October 11th, when we open the shelves and racks up to skis, boots, boards and jackets!

This year's Winter Consignment "Rules" are as follows!

As always: CLEAN YOUR GEAR. If it's dirty or non-functioning, we will not deny it. Seriously, wipe off the garage dust!

1.) All hard gear must be less than 10 years old. That's bringing us to 2013 or newer on all snowboards and skis!

2.) We will be consigning snowboards and bindings separately! Please supply all mounting pucks and screws with bindings.

3.) Flat skis can only be drilled 1x.

4.) XC gear: Will only take NNN / TURNAMIC / Prolink on consignment. All other binding styles will be taken as donation only.

5.) Drop offs must be limited to (2) sets of hardgear/drop off. If you have more to drop off, please contact us to make an appointment. (ie: don't rogue swing by with 8 sets of skis please!)

Items we DO NOT TAKE:

Boot Liners

Scratched Goggles

Pilled Hats/Clothing

Non-backcountry Ski Bindings

XC Classic skis with worn out scales

Racing Gear/Suits/Pads Single Antenna Beacons Basic Boot Bags

Items we will take, but in limited quantities include: Telemark equipment Super fat powder skis Frame AT bindings Retro Apparel and Onsie Snowsuits

As always, when we are "fully stocked" on an item, size, etc. we will not have the shelf room to take it in on consignment that week! You can always give us a call (775-219-4612) to see what we are "not taking". This list will be updated and share in our stories on social media every WEDNESDAY.


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