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ANNOUNCING: 22/23 NPO Partners

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

We are excited to officially announce our 2022-2023 Featured Non-Profit Groups. Each of these 6 groups will have 2 months where they are highlighted on our Facebook and Instagram, suggested as the NPO group to consign under for folks dropping of donations, and have the last Sunday of their month dedicated as a donation day. That means Gear Hut donates 10% of sales directly to a NPO every last Sunday of the month.

Introducing Gear Hut's 2022/2023 NPO's:

Chill Foundation - With a total of 30,000 young people since the program began with around 3,000 per year the Chill Foundation works with social service agencies, mental health agencies, foster care programs, juvenile justice programs, and schools in local communities to select youth participants. Everything is provided to the youth at no cost, whether it be snowboarding, skating, surfing, or paddleboarding! They focus on the resiliency of our participants to help them reach their full potential and see that there is a path out of their current circumstances. Their current situation doesn't have to define them or determine their path in life; Chill helps them to realize alternatives beyond the struggles they face. To learn more: About Chill Foundation — Chill Foundation

Send It Foundation - Send It provides outdoor adventures for young adult (ages 21-40) cancer patients and survivors, removing them from their cancer experience and creating the space to play, connect, and have fun in the outdoors. Send It programs are multi-day adventures in Lake Tahoe and the San Francisco Bay Area, designed around activities such as mountain biking, skiing, surfing, climbing and backpacking; creating a vital community through shared experience. To learn more: Who We Are - Send It Foundation

Moon Rocks Bouldering Co. - Moon Rocks Bouldering Co.’s primary mission is introducing underserved communities to the sport of rock climbing as a therapeutic tool to help cope with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, and other mental and physical afflictions. They accomplish this through crag clean-ups, granting free memberships to the financially incapable, and many other things regarding keeping the community clean, and involving anyone who wants to be a part of it. To learn more: Our Story — MoonRocks Bouldering

Sierra Climbing Team - Sierra Climbing Team is a youth competitive non-profit climbing team based in Reno, NV. Their mission is to allow kids who would like to further their climbing and competitiveness to flourish and have the opportunity to compete. Sierra Climbing Team prides themselves on being inclusive to all youth, empowering young kids to try a new sport no matter the background they originate from! To learn more: About | scteam (

Muscle Powered - Muscle Powered works to make Carson City healthier for all citizens as well as safer and more accessible for bicycling and walking through education and advocacy, the promotion of bicycle and pedestrian-friendly infrastructure, and developing and maintaining recreational trails throughout the city. Their vision is to build a community where walking and biking, either for recreation or for transportation, are an integral and accepted way of life. To learn more: Mission & Vision - Muscle Powered

Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful - Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful (KTMB) is a nonprofit dedicated to creating a more sustainable and beautiful region through waste reduction, education and active community involvement. Through cleanups, and awareness events KTMB is persistent in making sure Truckee Meadows and the surrounding areas are kept clean and restored when needed. To learn more: History of KTMB — Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful

Gear Hut thanks all of our previous Non-Profit Groups, all of the amazing groups that applied this year, and cannot wait to begin another year of stellar fundraising for some rad groups! Shop on last Sunday 10% of sales donation days or donate your gently used mountain bikes, tents, kayaks and apparel to their consignment accounts!


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