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What's "better than sliced bread"? GEAR HUT!

Do you have small business pride? Do you like being able to know store owners by their first names? Or how about supporting local families and employees who live and play in Reno? Give back to these businesses that make YOU feel like family.

Used gear shop in Reno specializing in consignment of skis, mountain bikes, camping gear and climbing equipment

EASY WAYS to support your community of small businesses:

  1. Shop local first! You may not always find what you want or need but try shopping local and small business first. A lot of people forget about these small shops because of the rush to find a specific product at a one-stop big box retailer, or the convenience of online shopping. But we guarantee, when swing by your local brick and mortar shops, you're leaving making an impact!

  2. Share social media posts! A lot of small businesses rely on word-to-mouth and social media to promote their shop and grow. We LOVE when our community says they've been following us on socials forever, and finally came by, or that a friend has been telling them they HAVE TO GO! Reposting events, product, or even funny quotes make a HUGE impact, with little effort on your side!

  3. Post reviews! The number of stars set the vibe for new potential customers searching us out. And all it takes is a couple silly reviews (One star: not open on Tuesdays... really bro?) to hurt an overall. Drop a google review, it takes less than 5 seconds to drop 5 stars.


Here are a couple of our FAVES... will you be featured next?


"As a parent, Gear Hut is a revelation for our never-ending story of kids out-growing camping and snow gear. It never feels right to intentionally buy low-quality jackets, etc. but seeing them outgrown in a season makes my wallet ache. The amazing genius of Gear Hut is they move new items in frequently so you can expect to find bargains every time you visit."


"Gear Hut is a GREAT PLACE for anyone who loves to be outdoors but would rather have quality used gear than pay full price."


"Gear Hut is always my first stop when I'm in need of outdoors clothing or gear. I've found many treasures at great prices and put together half of my ski setup from their quality used gear. I've even found beautiful art from a local artist! The owners are awesome and give back to the community in so many ways. Going to Gear Hut is a must for outdoorsy Renonians, and every visit is a new adventure!"


"If you are an outdoorsy person, and always in need of gear and clothing this shop is for you."


"They have most of the slightly used hiking and camping gears. Prices are reasonable, which means you are helping your pocket as well as the environment. These guys are a blessing for the community, keep growing."

happy staff members on a team adventure in Tahoe

xoxo, your fave Gear Hut Team

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