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PART 1: Why the Store? Our Mission of Affordable Access.

Gear Hut was established in 2018 to bring used gear and an outdoor consignment shop to the Reno Tahoe area. We regularly get asked "sooo how/why did you guys start the shop?" Over the month of July, we'll be diving into our 3 primary reasons.

This week, we're focusing on our primary goal: INCREASING ACCESS. Gear is stinking EXPENSIVE and can be a huge financial investment/commitment/burden when it comes to trying new sports. The costs create a barrier of entry to most outdoor recreation, leaving activities like skiing, climbing, and paddling available to only a very specific demographic. Reno is a growing mecca for outdoor recreation, with access to world class hiking, climbing, skiing, paddling and mountain biking. As this culture grows in Reno, we want to ensure there is an affordable option for the locals to learn about the sports that so many visitors travel here for. With so many of us working in the service industry, dropping 6 months of rent on a ski pass and all the gear we need is unrealistic.

Having a used gear option in Reno allows new adventurers to obtain quality gear at more accessible prices. Additionally, through consignment, we are able to let our community earn store credit (or a check) to upgrade their gear, making it even more accessible.

Co-owner and Chief Expedition Organizer, Leah was always told that she wasn't able to try skiing "until she stopped growing" because it was unaffordable to upgrade each season. So, when she turned 16, she got her first pair of skis (which then lasted her till age 26). New skis are very expensive, but if she and her family had access to a shop like Gear Hut, she may have taken on her desire to ski at a much younger age.

In contrast... because of Gear Hut, shop mascot Winnie was able to start her skiing journey at age 4 as getting geared up cost $85. These skis and boots should last her (2) seasons.

When Leah and Rusty moved to Reno, they quickly realized that despite all the amazing access there was to the outdoors, they weren't going to be able to afford to experience it all gearing up at typical retailers. Hence the shop. There was a hole in the market and they decided to dedicate themselves to creating a space for Reno to gear up affordably. While Reno has a top notch thrift scene, it can be a struggle to sift through everything at a regular thrift shop to hunt down technical layers or "new to you" boots. Gear Hut offers thrift prices for usable, quality outdoor gear, all in one place. The consignment model lets us rehome gear for you, extending it's life to it's fullest... but we'll dive more into that next week!

Stay tuned for part II: Environmental Impact!


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