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March Hiking Inspiration #52RenoHikes

Ummm, but about this snow? We wanna pull out the hiking boots and trail runners, we're sick of these winter boots! Jk jk, we know the Sierra snowpack is in NEED of it.

It's officially MONTH 3 of #52RenoHikes and we've LOVED seeing your adventures! Even if you're joining in late on this 2023 adventure challenge, we wanna see you getting outside!

Here is some inspiration for your March hiking endeavors:

Galena Creek Regional Park: Pull out the snowshoes and explore this classic summer go to (because its a cool escape from that Reno sun). There are lots of loops and options, from a quick jaunts to taking on Church's pond. Additionally, Marilyn's Pond is probably frozen over; we got to witness some emergency personnel practicing cold water rescue here in the past.

Mccarran Ranch Preserve: A bit outside of Reno, heading east on 80, this park is GREAT for spotting wildlife, and feels like your escaping town without driving too far.

Cross Peak: This is an out and back 2.6 miles hike starts in a residential area then veers off up the hillside to top out at a small tribute/statues that gives stellar views.

Sun Valley Regional Park: If you're not following us on instagram, you may have missed our recap of this park. Check out this insta reel! We did the Sun Rock loop very quickly at a toddler pace, and had a blast scrambling up all the rocky outcroppings. This park also has a Frisbee Golf course, and bike park.

As a personal recap, we headed out of town this month for a trip to Vegas. While they're not Reno hikes, we explored some Nevada State Parks, including Valley of Fire and Spring Ranch! We were also blessed with some good ol Vegas snow, but thankfully made the drive back to Reno safely, just in time for the next storm. Happy Hiking! We want to see your adventures, don't forget to tag us for weeks 10, 11, 12 and 13! And if you check out any of our suggestions, let us know how trail conditions are.


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