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Good Ol' Type I Fun

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

In the outdoor community, there is a certain kind of glory to the sufferfest. To the long approach, rugged weather.... to the survival tale you tell after the fact.

But let's be real.

NOTHING compares to a good ol' sun-shiney day of Type I Fun.

You know, where it's all smiles. Drinks at the brewery after. Tired, but not TOO tired. Where you take a ton of happy group photos from the day that you post that night.

The Gear Hut team monkeying around on one of the epic bridges! Stop here for a photo op!

If you're looking for that kind of day... head up the hill to do The Tahoe Via Ferrata! The whole team (minus Owen... stay in school kid! Don't grow up to be the bum at the gear shop, go save the world), had the chance to take on the challenge on a balmy fall day.

Our fierce guide Dave Nettle led the way as we took on the epic 4 Hour Tour (after being shuttled up to the start in a Jurassic Park feel open 4x4... HELLO easy, breezy approach!). Along the ride, we caught glimpses of the epic face we'd be taking on.

What's fantastic about the Tahoe Via's design is that the system is continuous. That means more time to take in the view, and less time finagling with carabiners. Take a deep breath, cling on and climb 800 feet on installed cables, metal footholds and ladder rungs as you explore the usually untouchable Tram Face!

FUN FACTS brought to you by Guide Dave: "Via Ferrata" translates to "Iron Way" and was created in the Dolomites during WWI to shuttle people and equipment!

No technical knowledge is required for the Tahoe Via, making this Type I fun adventure accessible to all! Bring dad, grandma, the whole gang (but maybe not kids under 88 lbs). Harnesses and helmets are provided.

One of our favorite perks about this style of adventure day? Coming home and not having to unload and sort out all the adventure gear! Zero clean up and rope management.

GEAR HUT PRO TIPS for a Via Ferrata Day

  • Bring a light packable jacket. It can be breezy at the summit.

  • Pack some gloves! You are holding onto cables and rungs along the way.

  • Carry a fanny pack or running vest to hold snacks, water and your phone! (Especially for the 4 Hour Tour!)

After being shuttled back to the village in the Jurassic Park vehicle, we headed to Alibi Ale Works in Truckee for post summit drinks and snacks. Talk about THE perfect way to close out a perfect day.

A HUGE "Thank You" to the Alpenglow team and Tahoe Via for getting Gear Hut out for a solid day of Type I fun! This is a great "staycation" idea, or something to bring visiting friends and family out to do. Sneak in a reservation before the season closes or put it on your radar for next summer!

Check out our REEL on Instagram for the all rad live action footage from the day!


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