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Diamond Peak, NV. Sustainable Skiing in Nevada.

Updated: Feb 16

Nestled amidst the stunning landscapes of Nevada, Diamond Peak Ski Resort not only offers breathtaking views and stunning slopes but also stands out as a sustainability champion in the world of winter sports. Diamond Peak is carving a path towards eco-friendly practices, making it a prime example of how ski resorts can balance the joy of winter recreation with a commitment to environmental stewardship.

three skiers riding on the lift at Diamond Peak during a powder day

Due to their mission and commitment, Diamond Peak has been listed as one of America's 10 Most Eco-Friendly Resorts, is STOKE Certified. 

Some of our favorite sustainable actions that Diamond Peak has taken:

  • The Lakeview Progression Park's box feature was made from recycled old and outdated trail maps.

  • They help protect water clarity in Tahoe by controlling soil erosion through slope maintenance, BMPs, and water bars.

  • In the lodges, they use environmentally-safe, recyclable and biodegradable containers and utensils, as well has providing water refill stations, eliminating single use plastics.

  • And if you've got an electric vehicle, you can charge up at two ChargePoint electric vehicle charging stations in their upper lot (and two down the road at the Incline Championship Golf Course at 955 Fairway Blvd).

Snowmaking is essential for ski resorts, but it often comes at a significant environmental cost. Diamond Peak has taken a proactive approach by investing in state-of-the-art snowmaking technology that maximizes efficiency and minimizes water and energy consumption. Thanks to a reliable water supply from the IVGID Public Works Department, Diamond Peak's snowmaking system consistently complements Mother Nature, extending the ski season. Their cutting-edge snowmaking technology: four TechnoAlpin TR8 high-efficiency snowmaking guns and the latest TT10 tower fan gun helps DP open their ski areas earlier and offer top-to-bottom terrain, even in seasons where we rely entirely on 100% man-made snow during the early stages.

Get on the snow and SAVE $15 off Diamond Peak Lift Tickets with code: 2024GearHut

But environmental impact aside, Diamond Peak is our go to for when friends and family come into town. Not only for the short commute from Reno and the STUNNING views, but for true Tahoe skiing, without the crowds.

During our recent staff ski day, Adventure Pro Zoe kept repeating "it's SO PEACEFUL here compared to all the other resorts I've skied!". We NEVER waited in a lift line, the runs weren't tracked out, and we didn't have to worry about "traffic jams" on the hill. And as a ski family with a toddler, we appreciate how family-friendly Diamond Peak is. They offer a "Kids Ski Free program" for children 6 AND under (the oldest rate in Tahoe) and interchangeable parent tickets so the parents can take turns on the mountain under one ticket.

Make sure you check out Diamond Peak this season... don't miss out on experiencing the mountain that's been named Red Bull’s “9 Most Stunning Places to Ski on Earth.” Grab a beer at Snowflake Lodge and take in the lake. Then take Crystal Express to Diamond Peak's summit elevation of 8,540 ft. and cruise our favorite run, Crystal Ridge. We promise, your camera roll will be FULL of lake shots. Diamond Peak also hosts a ton of fun community events like the Luggi Foeger Uphill / Downhill Festival which we "competed" in last year. We'll be there again, and are already brainstorming fun costumes! Make a commitment to yourself to get on the mountain in 2024. Use our discount code: 2024GEARHUT to SAVE $15 off lift tickets at Diamond Peak, our favorite local, sustainable, family friendly mountain.


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