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Updated: Oct 27, 2022

You've been saying we need a bigger space, and we couldn't agree more. We've been hunting around for a while, but really wanted to stay in the Wells Ave. area.... when this space stumbled into our laps, just 2 blocks south!

We signed the lease about a month ago and are making moving into a new spot with:

  • A real street address! (318 Broadway Blvd)

  • ~600 sf of additional floor space

  • An open layout!

  • Large entrance windows and double doors

This will hopefully be Gear Hut's forever home and we are investing in new simpler and up to date software, shelving, consignment intake desk... to go along with the big move.

Gear Hut will be CLOSED for 2 WEEKS as we physically move shop. We need to transport, install and organize! The shop will be CLOSED from August 15-August 30th!

If you've got an upcoming August trip you need to gear up for, stop by our current location THIS WEEKEND! We're hosting a "Moving Sale" so you also get to save a little, AND we don't have to move as much stuff... win win!

MOVING SALE: August 12-14th

15% OFF all apparel and gear

10% OFF all mountain bikes and boats

If you've been contemplating getting into mountain biking or gravel biking, NOW is the time to commit! With so much access to world class trails around the lake and a budding gravel bike community, don't wait... Save 10% THIS WEEKEND ONLY!

mountain bike gravel bike boats kayaks white water rafting reno tahoe

Or, cool off with a new canoe, raft or kayak! Late August is a great time to cool off and hit the Tahoe, Lakes Basin or the reservoirs. We've got a variety of rad boats in right now, all looking for new homes, and you could save up to $100 off!!

Thank you all for you support since 2018! Without your trust in our consignment process, and your continued dedication to shopping used, we would not have been able to grow like this!

See you this weekend for big savings... OR on August 31st in our NEW SPACE at 318 Broadway Blvd! (Just 2 blocks south of our current location!)

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